Thursday, October 05, 2006

In the news...

So yesterday while I was at work I was reading the news. Don't really have time to read the news at work, but here I was... I read the story about the Georgia mom who wants to ban Harry Potter from schools. The court told her if they banned all books that had to do with magic, they would have to ban MACBETH and CINDERELLA. Cinderella?! Are we kidding??? I think that it's important that children are reading. I've always been an avid reader. Reading helps your imagination grow. I don't think some parents really understand how important reading is. I don't care if you're reading Harry Potter or just a plain jane magazine, you're READING! YAY!! Everytime there is a "banned book" list that comes out, I am usually exclaiming "Oh, I love that book!!!"

So what's the deal? I'm not a parent, maybe I just don't get it. It's just how I see it.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Let me take a moment to take a big sigh of relief.

Thanks. I needed that. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The two big talks I had to have are now over. My parents know I'm moving and I gave my two weeks at work. WOOOHOOO! Let the packing begin!!!

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, encouragement, and words of wisdom (oh wise, KSH). I wrote about worrying awhile back. It seems that I've been worrying more often than not lately. Just stressing about the reactions of others. I know I can't base my decisions on what people say, but I've always been a people pleaser. Scared what people will think or say. I'm not saying this is a good trait of mine.

At any rate, God is working and I'm ready for the ride! :) T-minus two weeks and counting.