Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Tuesday

First of all ~ I hate blogging when I ask people to do something (i.e. donate money to a cause). I'm not asking for donations, but I am asking for your votes. Below is an email I received this evening from a friend:

Dear Family & Friends,

Over the last two years Defining Media LLC has been producing the documentary Defining Beauty: Ms. Wheelchair America. The team is now heading into the final stages of post-production for the documentary and has been selected as a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge for the month of May. They’re in the running for $25,000 in finishing funds that will be the needed financial push to bring this film to reality – bringing all the important messages that Ms. Wheelchair America stands for to the greater public.

This is the final week of the Pepsi Challenge and they/we need your help. Right now DEFINING BEAUTY is ranked 117th, they need to drop to the top 10 to win. In the first week they joined the challenge they went from 224th to 80th in three days so I really believe that they can get into the top 10, but only if all our contacts are tapped.

First, please register and vote here:


Then, VOTE EVERY DAY until May 31st.

Finally, send this message to all those that you think are in support of advocacy and change for the disabled and able-bodied communities across the United States

I was part of Ms. Wheelchair Nebraska for 5 years before moving to Kansas. It is so near and dear to my heart and these women are the most AMAZING people I've ever met. If you'll remember, I blogged about my friend, Crystal, eons ago. Your votes are appreciated! I had so much on my mind tonight, but I so need to find my pillow. Good night, all!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


This morning I was watching my church kids run around the playground. I started thinking about when I was little and we'd get the swing going super high and then jump off. Now days adults freak when kids do this, and I find myself getting all motherly.

Remember when we had the metal slides and during the summer you'd burn your butt (literally) going down?! The tricks just to get down without getting hurt. Or flying across the metal monkey bars to get to the other side of the jungle gym...

It's so crazy how much the little things change sometimes. What playground equipment do you remember?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

No More Excuses

I read a wonderful blog about body and Biggest Loser at Goddess in Progress and it got me thinking about my own struggle. *If you have yet to watch last week's Biggest Loser, exit now!*

Last week Daris had a struggle with food and ate way too much and gained 2 lbs the month that he was at home, despite the fact that he was training for a marathon at the same time. It's a mental thing, I get it. It doesn't matter how hard you've worked or how good you've been, you daily make choices. So Daris and Koli were below the yellow line and it's up to America to vote their favorite into the top 3. I voted for Daris, not only because I get his thinking, but he's cute! I mean really. :) Koli drives me bonkers because he is so consumed with winning the game, I think he needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

Recently I joined a 5k run/walk team. I thought it might be the motivation I need. In the next couple of days, I'm going to be starting Couch to 5k. I was going to start today, but I ended up painting all day and I'm sore from going up and down the ladder. Lame? Maybe, but at least I was being productive. Right? :)

Now - must sleep so I can chase kids in the morning!