Sunday, November 19, 2006

Filled with joy (and emotion)

I have reread my previous post and realized how ungrateful I sounded. I didn't mean to sound that way at all because I am truly blessed at the work God is doing! I think this is the most I've ever shared about my life in a blog.

As many of you know, I was in a car accident a little over a week ago. That same day I had to replace a tire with money I don't have (oh the joys of being unemployed). Right before I got this tire, in the mail I received a birthday check. The amount was just a few dollars under the amount of the new tire.

As discouraged as I was getting, ever since moving I have felt much peace and contentment concerning this move and jobs. I have never had any doubt that God would take care of me. And He is!!!

On Thursday I went to yet another staffing agency and took some tests. On the way home I was pondering how I could keep scoring so well on these tests, but not have a job. Long story short: I had an interview Friday and three hours later the staffing agency called me and said they wanted me to start on the 27th. SO YAAAAAY! After this, another staffing place called and offered me a temp assignment on Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Yesterday to celebrate me and my friend Tricia's birthdays, we went down to Branson with a few friends. We went to the imax theatre and watched a move about a fighter pilot. As the show is ending, it's showing pictures of this guy's grandfather (who was also a fighter pilot) and then listed awards, medals, and what wars he's fought in. My eyes trailed to the bottom of the screen and read the words "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Tears immediately filled my eyes. I thought about the keyring sitting on my dresser that says the same words. This momento if you will, was given to me by my aunt who is in the Army. She served a little over a month in Iraq... yeah, only a month, not fighting mind you. What she did was nothing compared to what these other soldiers are going through, but nonetheless... she was there. Constantly describing the sounds of bombs in emails... sending pictures practically every day...

Then today I had what was probably the most emotional worship time during church. I was standing there singing, "take joy my king in what you hear; may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear..." I don't know what it was, but the tears began to fall. After two more songs of tearful singing (I don't even remember what songs they were), Pastor began his sermon. Telling the story of a guy he had known who had passed away... I didn't know this person, but his story once again brought tears to my eyes. For Thanksgiving service, each family took a Christmas ornament and wrote on it what they were happy for. As me and two friends sat there "decorating" our ornament with thanks, I felt the tears again. What on earth?! By the end of service I was NOT thankful that my mascara isn't water proof. :)

Anyway, I wanted to share my good news and burst with joy and excitement!!


Flashy said...

yay for my laffygrl.

sail said...

isn't it amazing how God comes through just in time??? just when you think you're in deeeeep stuff...he comes through. may we never ever stop being amazed and grateful and humbled at the mercy and love of our Father.

and WHOO HOOOOOOOOO in a big way for you!!! see????? everybody wants you!!!