Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm just not

For the last week or so I've been pondering my trip to Nebraska. As some of you know, it was an interesting trip for me. I'm not at the same place I was 8 months ago when I moved to Kansas City. I've grown so much as a person, spiritually, emotionally, etc., so I'm not in the same world that they are. I found this song that pretty much sums it up.

Brandon Heath – I’m Not Who I Was
I wish you could see me now
I wish I could show you how
I'm not who I was
I used to be mad at you
A little on the hurt side too
But I'm not who I was

I found my way around
To forgiving you
Some time ago
But I never got to tell you so
I found us in a photograph
I saw me and I had to laugh
You know, I'm not who I was

You were there, you were right above me
And I wonder if you ever loved me
Just for who I was
When the pain came back again
Like a bitter friend
It was all that I could do
To keep myself from blaming you

I reckon it's a funny thing
I figured out I can sing
Now I'm not who I was
I write about love and such
Maybe 'cause I want it so much
I'm not who I was

I was thinking maybe I
I should let you know I am not the same
But I never did forget your name
Well the thing I find most amazing
In amazing grace
Is the chance to give it out
Maybe that's what love is all about
I wish you could see me now
I wish I could show you how
I'm not who I was

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Assured said...

Great song! Mind if I borrow it? (((Hugs)))