Monday, January 07, 2008

Cannot imagine

So, one of my little church kids came up to me yesterday, with a ball in her hand and a sad look on her face. She asked "Can you play catch with me?" I gladly said sure!

Knowing this girl's story and what her home life is like, I began to ponder. Her mom is a stay at home mom, her dad works all day. I cannot IMAGINE having the option to stay at home with my kids all day long and not want to spend time with them; puzzles, games, whatever. Not many women have that option anymore and to be with a man whose ambition is to provide for his family would be phenominal. To see the hurt in this little girl's eyes because her mom never plays with her, claiming to not have the time... Just gut wrenching.

When the girl's little brother says that when he asks for help and his mom says no... Makes me want to eat them up!

Here's to spending time with kids. Love them to pieces!

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