Monday, January 24, 2011

Baseball tour

I posted this blog last summer, but we didn't end up going... thought I'd repost - with a few edits - and see if I could get some suggestions. :)

When I travel I love stopping at random "historic markers" along the way. Generally you won't find them in brochures and maps, etc. I'm kind of dork when it comes to the places I would like to go/have gone. For instance, my roommate and I took a day trip to Wamego, KS once... spent the day piddling around the small town and visited the Wizard of Oz museum. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Me and two of my friends are going on a baseball tour -- five stadiums, seven days. I'm quite excited I must say. :)

Here's where the tour will be taking us:

Kansas City - Cincinnati
Cincinnati - Cleveland
Cleveland - Detroit
Detroit - Milwaukee
Milwaukee - Minneapolis
Minneapolis - Kansas City

We will be going to games in Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. If anyone has suggestion, recommendations of places to stay and a few things to do in any of these cities, let me know! I'm very excited because I've only been to Milwaukee, but never saw the stadium. We'll be visiting friends along the way, only staying in Milwaukee at a hotel.

Suggestions?! :)

Any suggestions/recommendations would be much appreciated!

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