Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Here we come

Like most of us, I've been reflecting on 2010 and deciding what my goals are for 2011. I've tried to think of goals for the next year that will enhance my life, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

First things first - 2010 recap

February - Went on my first cruise to the bahamas and played with dolphins.
April - Visited friends for a weekend in Nashville.
May - Spent Memorial weekend in Louisiana - drove from Kansas City and saw everything in between!
July - Walked and completed my first 5k!! Looking forward to doing that more in 2011.
August - Spent a week's vacation with my parents - went to Fort Knox and watched my baby brother graduate from boot camp.
September - Went to Colorado Springs for Labor Day.
November - I turned 30!!!!! Went to Chicago to celebrate.
December - Children's Christmas program, shopping, Nebraska for Christmas.

These are just the high points. The summer was rather emotional with my brother leaving, my grandpa getting sick, etc.

NOW - Goals, etc for 2011

1. Talk to the people I love more often - I have one set of grandparents left, that I rarely see... my goal is to talk to them, and other people I love, more often, whether it's texting, random notes on facebook, cards, or calling.
2. To visit Nebraska more often, and not just on holidays - While this seems like a weird vacation destination, it's where I'm from, and the aforementioned loved ones live. :) Generally I only go on holidays and rarely see friends that live there... no more!
3. More gym time - I've been good, but it's time to get serious!! One night a week is devoted to the trainer. She gives me 'homework' to work on the other 3-4 nights that I workout. Game face on!!
4. More Bible/God time - For Christmas I got a devotional journal and prayers for women. Also going to try that whole 'reading through the Bible' thing. :)
5. Read 12 new books - One book a month; can't overdo it, I'm a busy girl!! :)
6. Go MAD - Do one random act of kindness a week. Whether it's buying breakfast for the person behind me at McDonalds or doing a favor for someone, without them asking and not expecting something in return.
7. Less tech time - Biggest Loser's Bob Harper has a challenge for 2011: Turn off your phone one day a week and be less reachable. If you can't go an entire day, go an HOUR. These days an hour with no technology seems like the world is ending! Another one of my friends challenged this year for every 20 minutes on facebook, spend 20 minutes in the Word.

My One Word doesn't focus not on resolutions, but on a word that is your vision and character for the year. My word for 2011 is CRAVE. I plan on reading Lysa Terkeurst's book "Made to Crave" but more than that, I crave more of life, more of my relationship with God! "Made to Crave" is just that.... satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food. I crave the change, the zest, the joy!

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You can do it chica!