Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm not even really sure where I want to go with this blog. It might be a rambled mess of things I hope to say. It might be a constant of me whining about everything and nothing all at once.

I'm tired of 'it' running my life and the things I do.. or don't do.

I'm tired of being cranky.

I don't FEEL like moving or doing anything... and it shows when you look around my house.

I'm tired of feeling like I could cry all the time...

Oh, yeah, I'm tired of crying all the time... at the drop of a hat.

I tend to bottle things up and not let my life become a topic of conversation. Sometimes, however, I'm an open book and have trouble guarding my heart. This weekend I'm going to St. Louis with some amazing people. I'm dreading it. I don't want to be cranky and ruin everyone's vacation. I wish I could stay home in bed... We'll see what happens. Please pray for me.

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Noah's Mommy said...

I think we all go through those times in life...where we just kind of hit a wall...Deep can get better...just take it a day at a time....hope you are feeling better.