Monday, August 03, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Not Me! Monday was created by MckMama. Check her blog to get started!

In the last week I did NOT go to bed after midnight... every night. I did NOT have fun with my 26 kids during VBS. It was NOT crazy night after night and I did NOT enjoy it!! :)

I did NOT spend the weekend in Nebraska. It was NOT my mom's 50th birthday and she was NOT loving all the pictures we were taking! I did also NOT spend the week catching up on Big Brother... and OMG to that show!

I did NOT watch "More to Love" tonight and was NOT annoyed at all the women crying... are we for real??

What have you NOT done this week?


MJW said...

Yeah for an awesome weekend and week! Hope you get to bed earlier this week...tonight not looking too good :) Love you!

Lora said...

...I'm such a night owl. My favorite bedtime is 2 am. Unfortunately, most beginnings to my day don't allow for that...not that I've let it stop me lately. Yay for naps, that's all I'm sayin'