Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last week my little brother went away to college. The school he's attending is only an hour and a half from my parents. When I first went to college, I lived 3 hours from home. Scary!!! Over the weekend I texted him a bit and he said things were good. According to my mom, he isn't liking it and wants to come home. Poor guy! Now, my first thought is I don't want him to be like me. I lasted one semester at college before I moved home. I was soooo miserable (so I thought).

I regret not giving it more of a fair chance - I think my college experience there could have gotten better. I waited six months before I attempted college again... and I don't regret going to this school, because i never would have met some of my best friends otherwise.

So, my mom asked me to talk to him... what good can I be?? Any advice from parents who have been through this??

And to the follower I lost this week -- please come back!!! I'm sorry I'm boring! lol

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