Monday, March 05, 2012

No good, awful gym day

So I head to the gym after an 11 hour workday. It's been a week since I've worked out and I'm ready to go... in my new running shoes. Week 3, day 1 (again) of c25k.

I hop on the treadmill -- 5 minute warm-up walk. I got this. Then my phone says "Start running." I pump up the treadmill to my usual 3.9. My legs immediately say "WHAT?!?" I jog for 1:30, walk for 2:30... then comes the 2:30 run. My legs freak out. I slow down just a touch, but my calves are on FIRE and TIGHT. Oh my goodness. I've felt this before... back in week 1 when I first started.

I regretfully slow way down to a walk and go for 20 minutes. Not even a mile. Boo. I look at my logbook and realized that last time I attempted to run was February 11. Are you kidding?? Almost a month???? I go to the bike and go for 6 minutes. I was done.

I was so disappointed in the fact that I might have to start c25k all over. Week 1. Really? I'd come so far... and I was doing so well!! Then I totally botched it by emotionally eating my disappointments in a brownie.


I texted with one of my best friends after. His advice - "build back up. You have to slip to realize that you're still climbing."

He's right. I haven't quit. I'm not giving up. I have two 5k races schedule for this summer. The first one is two months... I can do this.


barnyardbarbie said...

You can do it! Sometimes the body just takes a step back to take a step forward ;-)

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