Saturday, August 02, 2008

Battle wounds of the week

This has been kind of a tough week for me... physically speaking. As CJ and I prepare for Vacation Bible School next week, we've been at church every night, not getting home before 10 pm.

One day as I'm leaving work, I totally biffed it in our office. I think I hit my head on the way down... ouch! I get home and on the way to the door, almost fall AGAIN on the driveway. Are you kiddin me??? I think my equilibrium is off. :) We're at church that night and I made a comment about how I kept falling to my knees. CJ said "maybe God is trying to tell you something."

This got me to thinking... I absolutely love spending time with my church kids. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. However, I miss church. I miss fun music that I can clap my hands and sing at the top of my lungs to. I miss Pastor Bob's sermons... I NEED TO BE FED!

As I said VBS is next week... we're doing SonWorld Adventure Park. Last night me and another gal were ironing on transfers to the shirts for the kids. In the midst of this, I'm taking a transfer off a shirt and my arm catches the iron. YIKES! Now, I have a nice little battle scar there.

I think I need an off day. :) Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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