Sunday, August 10, 2008

Under the Same Moon

So this weekend, CJ and I tried something new... down time. Saturday night we rented a movie called "Under the Same Moon." So good! It's about a young boy in Mexico who travels to the U.S. to find his mother after his grandma passes away. I highly recommend this movie! It's kind of predictable, but so good... you'll laugh, you'll cry, and everything in between.

I'm so refreshed (yay for that)! This weekend we did so very little. Spent time visiting with our company, ate some wonderful food at Cheesecake factory, and took many naps. I watched a bit of the Olypmics, which is always a good time.

My aunt is currently on her way back to Kansas from Iraq for her 18 days leave. She'll be here some time this week and then I'll see her next weekend when I'm in Nebraska. So excited about that. I'm ready to get working out again and my schedule to return to normal (whatever that means)... oh, and my feet are down to normal size. :-) I'm getting my hair done on Wednesday... experimenting with something different. Be prepared to make comments on a future blog with some hair styles/colors.

Have a wonderful week everyone! :-)

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