Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Circle of ... life?

It's funny how God works sometimes. It's almost 2am and I just came to this realization -- on this date, September 21, 1999, I accepted Jesus into my heart - fully, completely, unconditionally. I had this peace in my heart; the joy.

Fast forward to 5pm, 12 years later... I'm overwhelmed with the news I've received and the knowledge I need to gain. I've just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Ironic as this is - I hate numbers... yet numbers of blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol are swimming in my head. I despise numbers...

I call my mom to tell her the news. I now I have to take a pill for blood pressure (very low dosage, to protect my kidneys), a pill for cholesterol, and a pill for diabetes. I originally had lab work done to check my thyroid... apparently my thyroid is normal - nothing else is. I now have to test my sugars throughout the day. As if that wasn't enough - I also have to attend a class on how to eat. Oh, I know how to eat -- obviously. I mean how to eat CORRECTLY so that my sugars are skyrocketed.

Oddly enough, 12 years ago I was a freshman in college, and I actually had  moments when my sugar would go low. I'd get shaky and dizzy feeling... now I'm too high. Seriously, when I do something, I do it right. :) "Coincidentally" my pastor's wife is taking a class on how to be a life coach and needed someone to 'coach' for seven months. Weird how she asked me right before my diagnoses - our first meeting is tomorrow. I might add that her husband has been diabetic for years, and is now turning himself around to where his A1C levels show he's almost completely off meds.

There is hope, but I fear the unknown. The challenges I now face in everyday life. Many 'messages' from God today spoke to my heart, not only about pain, but trusting God. I know I'm not alone, but He'll carry me through my fears and challenges in the days and months ahead.

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barnyardbarbie said...

Girl don't make me bust out a T-REX dance over the internet :-)

So many thoughts and prayers for you! It will work out.

Love and Hugs!