Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Poke Me in the Eye

Have you ever had your eyes dilated?
I had not, until today. Let me say, it was... weird. Close up vision stinks and everything is brighter than normal. For my lovely eyes that have these pockets (not what the doctor called them, but I can't remember the word)... that were all dilated, everything was 10x. Yikes!!! I picked out some new glasses - which I'm super excited to get!! Doc checked my eyes after a few minutes and didn't see anything wrong that would correlate with diabetes. So that was a plus.

I came home and sat in my dark bedroom, not being able to text or anything because I couldn't read...


Obviously, my eyesight has returned to normal. :) Over the weekend I finished January's book of the month. I'll blog about that tomorrow.

Goodnight, friends! How are you ending the day?

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