Saturday, September 23, 2006


Ok. I admit it. I have a new addiction...

Fountain pop has to be the best thing ever! Not only do you get more, but it is so much cheaper than bottles or cans. AND it tastes better too! It's just so much more... refreshing than pop in a bottle or a can. The store I go to even has styrofoam cups, so you don't have the ice melting all over your desk. I sound like a walking advertisement for the stuff. This is what working 12 hour days has led me to... blogging about my addiction to fountain pop. Someone help me.

I've just come to the conclusion, that thus far, this is the best thing to be addicted to. Other addictions are bad for you (yes, like pop is so wonderful for you), but they cost a lot too. So for now... I'll stick with this one.

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sail said...

LOL!!! i remember going through something like that with fountain pop (or soda, as we say here in central ma.). it's true, it's can to deal with, more's all good.

although my addictions now range more in the hot caffeinated realms...*sigh*