Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today's events

So... I had what you might call a bad day at the office. That's putting it a mildly, but it was quite the experience. To make a long story short - a guy pulled a gun on some students in front of the school where I work. The whole thing escalated into a three hour chase, standoff, lockdowns of all the schools in the area, and finally an arrest was made.

Three hours later, I'm attempting to work and answer the phone like everything is back to normal. In reality I'm shaking like a leaf and scared to the bones. In the five years that I've worked in this building, there have been a few scary moments, but nothing like this.

I got to thinking about it later. The situation itself. Many thoughts raced through my head. People I expected to give, not sympathy... but at least a loving 'are you ok?"... did not give it. Those who I least expected, called me in the middle of the ordeal - knowing they were calling to check on me or at least see what was going on.

The whole events of the day are a blur... and now apparently we're having counseling sessions. Maybe it's a bad thing that I'm not all emotional over the days events. I didn't cry. I slept fine, even that night. Not sure what's going on here... maybe I'll let you know after my first session.


sail said...

hmmm....perhaps a delayed reaction will occur--which is okay, too. but sometimes when the trauma is too big, the emotion doesn't come till your body and your mind think that they're safe.


so glad you came through it.

Flashy said...

I"m so glad you were safe Laffers. And you probably slept fine cause God was right there holding you in his arms.