Saturday, June 27, 2009

Before I'm 30 progress report

While ago I posted a list of 15 things I want to do before I turn 30 - next November. I thought I'd give a little progress report of how I'm doing! :)

1. Lose weight - more specifically; ALL the weight I need to reach my ideal weight. This one isn't going so well... I need to gain (and pray for) some willpower!!!!
2. Go on a missions trip - Complete!!! Haiti was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to where God takes our group next!
3. Go on a cruise - Next February!!! A group of 8 of us are going on the K-Love Cruise to the Bahamas
4. Take care of my debt - Slowly but surely. My car was paid off last month, so now it's time to start crackin on some other things.
5. Swim with dolphins - Read #3... This is my shore excursion of choice! I can't wait!
6. Go to Boston - Details not forthcoming, but this will be happening this year! :)
7. See the Red Sox play at Fenway. - Read #6 :)
8. Meet the currently faceless man of my dreams. - Well... God hasn't brought him my way yet. Keep praying
9. Learn to play the piano. - I still would like to... need to find someone to give lessons!
10. Grow in my relationship with God. - I'm working on it daily.
11. Improve the relationship with my parents. - It's gotten a tad better. yay for that
12. Become a better communicator. - Well...
13. Stop sweating the petty stuff. - Needing constant prayer about this.
14. Broaden my culture horizons - Haiti definitely did this!!! I'm trying to get better about finding things locally as well.
15. Read the entire Bible. - I started -- still in Genesis, but starting is half the battle!


Bridawg said...

Hey, I'm doing this plan to get through the bible in a year - gives you different sections to stop you from getting bogged down. I'm about 3 months in. good luck with your goals.

Anonymous said...

You can do it chica!