Saturday, September 15, 2007

33 Miles

Ok, so this week CJ and I went and saw 33 Miles for like the fourth time this year. They are AMAZING! We're in the midst of worshiping and having amazing time... and the next thing I hear is BOING! I'm thinking "what is that?" and I hear it again!! I look over and the guy next to me is taking pictures with his camera phone. Now, I'm all for taking pictures and capturing the moment, goodness knows I do it, but seriously... at least turn the annoying sound off.

Back in the moment, I'm praying to God about the situations I've come to face... once again... the next sound I hear is the guy with the BOING! phone, is talking... to the people behind us... NOW, I'm annoyed. It's like talking in church! SHHHH! I glance over briefly, and it appears that he's now hugging up on his girlfriend. OH BROTHER!! Seriously. I've come here to worship, please respect others around you by pretending you're in church and shhhing and keeping the PDA to minimum. I find it cute when girlfriends/boyfriends or spouses hold hands during prayer or worship... but c'mon now. No one wants to watch you huggin up on each other in the midst of the moment.

Despite the annoyances the show was absolutely amazing and we talked with them a little afterwards and they signed my CD. WOOHOO! Then I think about the other artists we've met and how humble they are and down to earth.

Makes me want to be an indian giver... :-) haha!

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