Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dare to Compare

Why must we constantly be compared to others? "Why can't you be like your brother, like father like daughter, etc..." In today's society we are always being compared to someone - whether it's reality or not.

My mom has always said "You are your father's daughter..." Until lately I've always thought this to be a negative thing, and taking it how she means it. Instead of being in the bitter barn and focusing on how my dad used to be, I've finally made that decision that maybe he really is a different guy -- one that's not so bad. One that I wouldn't mind being compared to.

On the same token, wouldn't it be nice to be seen for who we REALLY are? For instance, my brothers and I are like night and day. However, they don't truly sees ME for me. My mom knows that my relationship with Christ is me, but she doesn't get it because she's not part of that. Just because you don't get it, is no reason to compare to everyone else in your world. If we were all the same, life would be boring. :)

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