Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday was created by MckMama. Check her blog to see what she is NOT up to and to get started!

Well, I am spending today NOT working... Thank you, Columbus!

I did NOT miss my kids on Thursday. CJ had to call me while they were all there and put me on speaker phone. I heard them all say, "Hi Miss Leslie!" So cute!

I did NOT spend any time driving, and I did NOT get to visit wonderful friends along the way. I also did NOT get to witness the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen... I won't admit that I did NOT cry 20 times during the wedding AND the reception. I would NEVER imagine me to be a crier!! :)

I did NOT play the good sister and take my brother to check out his first tattoo. :) He did all the checking and talking, I was just there for moral support. I have NOT ever thought about getting one... but I'm a wimp!!!

I have also NOT been thinking about what to do for my birthday. In one month I will NOT be hanging on to my twenties by a thread! I know what me and the roommate are doing, but how to celebrate with everyone else? Hmmm....

Oh... and I also did NOT fall down concrete steps at my parents house. I was NOT amused to say the least!

What have you NOT done this week?

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