Saturday, October 24, 2009

Six Words

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Wedding today; Hope I don't cry!

I'm a sucker for weddings. Over the summer I went to the wedding of my roommate's niece.. I know the family and our Pastor was officiating... I cried and announced that he was NOT doing my wedding when the day comes. :) Last weekend I went to the wedding of my dear friend, AnneMarie. You guessed it... cried. Only 3.. or 6 times. Have a great weekend everyone!!


Valencia said...

Aww weddings are so romantic and sweet! No wonder you cry.

Dr.John said...

Why not go ahead and cry

Call Me Cate said...

Hope you had a lovely time at the wedding. Nothing wrong with a few tears!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Business Cards said...

I love weddings also. My favorite was my cousin's wedding. It was really solemn and romantic. He sang You and Me by The Lifehouse for his bride. So sweet!