Saturday, January 21, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Here's how it works: describe your life -or something- in six words. Explain or don't, either way, have fun! Visit Cate at Show My Face to read all about it and get started! :)

I did a six word Saturday!!!!

The last one I did was over a year ago... if you want to get technical I only posted a handful of blogs last year. This year is already promising to be better!! :) Have a good one - snow day or not.


Kim said...

Stopping over for Six Word Saturday. Welcome back! Hope you have a great day!

Linda said...

Well...welcome back! Happy Saturday!

LeAnn ~ My Day In The Making said...

Congrats! I think it is going to be a good day! :)

JosephAlsarraf said...

Lol! Snow days are always good days.
: )