Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Lately I've been thinking about the advice I've been receiving from a few people regarding my state of confusion. Do you ever look at the people giving you advice and evaluate their life? For the most part, the people giving me advice can't even get their own lives together. What makes them think I would take what they have to say and run with it?

Some say I'm wise beyond my years, but when people can't be smart and have the tiniest bit of common sense. I'm not saying I have my act all together and have a right to be giving advice, but when people (these no common sense people) ask my opinion, I've learned that sugar coating isn't the way to go. We aren't playing candyland in life. Maybe before people give advice to others, they should evaluate their own issues and dare I say, drama. :) The pot and the kettle need to get together and keep their noses out of my business. :) ... I'm just sayin.

My prayer is that God give me the strength to deal with these advice givers and the courage to stand up and say get your own act together.

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Lilly said...

precisely why I am invisible and elusive, my friend... ;)