Friday, July 27, 2007

Princess Heart

Remember when you were younger and played dress up and called yourself a princess? Those were the days when my dad would call me princess. Now life is full of the never-ending drama, with absolutely no time to play dress up, never mind the fact that you feel nothing like a princess!!

I've just finished reading "Keeping a Princess Heart" by Nicole Johnson. It's so hard to be princess-like when your heart is closed and your attitude is cynical. Then you have the people that don't feel like princess' so they adjust their looks to get closer to the feeling -- fake nails, tanning, fake hair, ... you name it, we've done it to improve the look on the outside. Improving our looks on the outside, doesn't change what's in our hearts. A princess heart knows in her heart of hearts that the world is not a fairy tale, but the King is there and has us convinced that "all will be well."

Yes, there might be times when we're standing in a pile of quick sand, but God brought us to it and He alone can bring us through it. Might not be easy keeping that princess heart, but I'd rather struggle than pretend to have the LOOK - and be fake about it. My princess heart is hurting and aching, but God is continually molding it and shaping it...

In this book, Nicole explains that women want the ending. It's true! If you tell us to wait - we will wait - but tell us WHY. Give us a purpose to wait for and what's going to happen in the end. What happens at the end of the love story? Happily ever after... and of course ever after is never happy. The single woman feels alone because she's not married, the married woman wants the freedom... we're never satisfied in our roles.

A couple days ago I blogged about someday my prince coming... some day that prince will find this princess heart and treasure it, like the rare jewel it is.

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