Friday, July 13, 2007

Close to God

A couple of weeks ago I flew to Dallas. It was cloudy when we left KC, but the further south we went, I saw the magnificent view I was used to seeing when I fly. You know - those big white puffy clouds that look like cotton balls. As I often do when I fly, I began to thank God for the wonderful creation. Since, I've become fascinated with the sky... I mean, have you ever REALLY looked at it? The colors, the patterns... they're never the same. The scenes in the sky alone just amaze me.

As I'm drawn closer to God with each breathtaking moment, I am reminded in the words of Phillips, Craig, & Dean that "it's not the motions I go through..." I've always been what I call an unconventional Lutheran. Could never sit on my hands during worship, breaking away from the traditional READING of the prayers. If you go to a Lutheran church service, how many of those people sound like they believe the words of the Apostle's creed? I'm not knocking the religion or the people in it... I grew up in the church. So before you get all uptight, listen to what I'm saying...

There's another song by Point of Grace and there's a line in it that says, "Everyone's worshiping something, 'cause that's what we're made to do...I choose You." It's not the religion - it's the form of worship; the RELATIONSHIP. I'm the type that cannot worship sitting on my hands... get me a band so I can clap, bounce around, WHATEVER.

My prayer for you is this: Worship with all your heart, mind, and soul... and choose to worship YOUR way and not worry about what the world thinks of you. Show the world the light of God's love through you and how you worship. God bless!

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