Monday, July 16, 2007

Fathers (part 2)

Last month I wrote a blog about dads. I had mentioned some things about my own dad that at the time were very true. Last week when I was in Nebraska, I saw a totally different side of my dad; and I'm pretty sure he saw a different side of me.

My dad has always been the dad that's just existed, never really been there, so to speak. I've never been daddy's little girl. Last week as my great grandma was on her death bed, my emotional side came out. A side of me that my dad has never seen before. My dad, in this new light, was there for me. He saw the hurt and emotion in my eyes and was ready to support me like the man I've never see him be. He was there with open arms, letting me fall into them like I never have before.

The same way I've fallen into the embrace of God over the last seven years, I've finally been able to do the same with my earth father. A good feeling, there is no doubt. :)

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sail said...

wowie zowie...

this brought tears to my eyes. what a blessing for you--but man, what an even BIGGER blessing for him to see the beautiful woman his daughter is.

i pray this starts a snowball-effect of healing for you!

love you,sweetie!! you ROCK!

sailie fish