Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fake Out

I've been going through my other blogs.. This one's posted from May 6, 2008.

Last weekend me and the girls are at the coffee house listening to CJ's brother-in-law sing. At one point, he says, "This is Kevin... he's single for all you ladies that are looking." After the show, we're all standing around talking, when we notice that Kevin has a ring on his ring finger. He said it was his fake out ring.

Wow. I so need one of those! Have you ever noticed that when there's even a chance that you might be taken, the guys flock to you and appear out of no where? Hmmm...

How often do we use the "fake out"? Whether it's the marrieds not wearing a ring or the singles wearing them... When you think of it, really, what's the purpose of the fake out? You bet your bottom, when I get married I'm gonna have a big ole fat rock that blings and shouts "HEY, I'M MARRIED!!!" I understand some people don't because of their jobs or whatever... my parents haven't worn wedding rings for 15 years. I know it's just a symbol, but to me it's an outward symbol of your love and the promise that you've made to this other person. I posted the following blog a long time ago, but felt it made sense here too...

I can't believe how something as sacred as marriage, has turned into this "thing" that people just "do"... like they woke up one morning and just decided they were going to get married.

Having been single, literally forever, I've often pondered how wonderful it will be to stand next to the man God has for me, celebrating the many milestones of life. Four years ago my family celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. This day was so amazing! My family together, leaving behind all disagreements, all arguments... for these two people, who in a span of 50 years, had 14 children, countless grandchildren, and of course, many trials and tribulations that come with it. I look at them sometimes and wonder what they talk about, but then realize that God has put them here for a reason, together, in this moment.

Then you see the couple who has been married for 20 years, three kids, and the wife has recently been informed that her husband has been having an affair for the last year. Being single, it's hard to trust that God will bring us someone that we're compatible with. It's even harder trusting God that we can actually trust this person; for the rest of our lives.

After all the thinking about marriage and weddings, I got to thinking about my relationship with God. Marriage vows hardly seem worth anything to some people anymore, but sometimes that's how I feel about my relationship with Him. I've made these vows... these wonderful vows, to serve, to praise, to worship Him... but am I doing that? How am I holding to my end of the vows? God is always faithful. He will never break His vows - always there to protect us, to guide us. He never said it would be easy, He said we would never be alone. Which is true, but we need to keep our end of the vows too. Before I can truly long for the one person that God has planned for me, I need to concentrate on keeping my vows to Him and truly have that relationship with Him... not just a "thing" that I decided to "do" one day just because...

You can't fake out God's love or what He has in store.


BeeHappy said...

As always great blog! I tagged you in one. :)

KC Mom said...

Great thoughts!

mommytoalot said...

Well written. I've been married for 18 yrs..and I don't wear my ring...because i bent hubby always wears his.

Shanda said...

So many thoughts went through my head while reading this post sad it is that people would flock to someone who has a ring deceived so many are about what love is that they would be willing to "fake it" to catch a glimpse of it
...we truly can only trust in God and rely on Him to "complete us." No man will ever be able to do that.

But most of all what a great reminder to all of us to focus on being true and giving our all to Him. Your choice to pursue Him will make your union here on earth so much sweeter. I am praying that God will fulfill the desires of your heart!


p.s. I saw you linked to Titus 2 Tuesday today; but don't see your post - can you check to see if it posted correctly? I am looking forward to reading it!