Sunday, April 12, 2009

Haiti Trip - Day 1, April 3

Today we met at Wayne's at 11 am to pack our supplies. We'll be wearing flip flops when we aren't working, so CJ and I went and got a pedicure first. Love starting a vacation with a pedi! We flew from Kansas City to Dallas to Miami. It was interesting with 7 of us and all the luggage!! We met the two other people in Miami as they were flying from Chicago. It was hard to get a cab to the hotel... we had to take three (3). CJ and I rode in a taxi and the guy claimed to never have heard of our hotel. Even after we gave him the address...CJ turned on her GPS and suddenly he knew where he was going. It was a long day of travel and tomorrow we leave for Port Au Prince. **As I wrote this in my journal, it was 1 am and we were waiting on pizza. :)* I'm anxious and nervous for the unknown, but very excited to meet the kids.

*There wasn't much to write this day as all we did was travel to Miami. It'll get more interesting I promise!!*

The KC portion of our crew - CJ, Jarret, Sarah, Glenn, Wayne, & me

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KC Mom said...

Yeah KC! Have a great time!