Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Haiti Trip, Day 4 - April 6

Today the girls cleaned the depot and played with kids. the guys helped the workers haul rocks. It was hot today! So far it has rained every day, which is ok because it cools things off.

Drex says that wall should be done tomorrow, so hopefully we can work on the kid's house. Also, today, Missy helped shave the boy's hair. That was fun!

CJ and I went to the market with Michelle and Jo - very interesting. A lot of people milling around, shouting, meat hanging from the tents with flies all over. I made it without gagging, so I'm good!

Michelle, me, and CJ took the older kids to the soccer field. They love it! Saw some neighbor kids, had a little contest to see who could make a goal. Then we took a little walk around, then came home.

Some of the kids playing soccer... or futbol :)

We had an awesome devotion tonight from Andria, talking about how even though we all suffer, Christ died. We all come here broken, yet needing to do a bigger mission. We all have our 'stuff'. There must be a reason God placed this group in this place...

Tomorrow for lunch we're getting a real Haitian lunch and then going swimming. Yay! Dishes in cold water are odd too. :)

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BeeHappy said...

My mom and I have enjoyed your adventure! I love your devotion! :)