Monday, April 20, 2009

Haiti Trip, Day 6 - April 8

The wall is nearly complete for the most part. Jarret and Glenn spent some time digging space by the garage. Then we all went to the one house that's not yet livable. We swept out all the dirt and rocks. After it was all out we had to power wash the mud off the wall. While some did that, some of us scrubbed the walls with bleach. Others swept the water out and off the porch.

The kids are on Easter break this week so today they had chores. They picked up trash, washed chairs, etc. After lunch we went to see the souvenir lady. She had some of the most beautiful stuff for cheap! I bought a box, 2 bracelets, and a painting for $12 - US.

Buying souvenirs

Michelle and Larry took us to town for dinner. It was at a hotel that serves the 'elite' - very nice with a wonderful view of the ocean. Good food too - I had a cheeseburger. :) CJ had goat, which I tried... pretty tasty!

Our group at dinner

I'm getting to the point of the trip where I'm ready to get to sleep in my own bed. One more work day before we fly home. Tonight's devotion was from Jarret. He gave his testimony of growing up Lutheran. God put us all here for a reason - tonight we shared our stuff and our similarities.

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