Monday, April 13, 2009

Haiti Trip - Day 2, April 4

Today we flew from Miami to Port Au Prince. We sat in the plane for 2 hours because some guy checked his bags and didn't show up. So they had to search all the luggage to remove it from the plane. That was a good time!! There was an irrate woman sitting behind us that was constantly yelling in French - apparently she was more annoyed that everyone else that we were delayed. :) The airport in Port Au Prince was interesting - full of people yelling (in French Creole)... a LINE of people waiting outside; made you feel very uncomfortable. We had a woman from the orphanage traveling with us. She had been in the states visiting her family. That was a definite blessing!! If she hadn't been with us, it would have been more interesting than it was.

The Jacmel Airport

From the Port Au Prince airport, we drove a couple minutes to the smaller airport so we could fly to Jacmel. The plane was tiny, but the flight was beautiful... the ocean is so blue! At the Jacmel airport we met Drex & Larry. They loaded all the luggage and drove us to the orphanage. It started raining just as they finished tying it all down.

When we arrived, the kids were there waiting to greet us. After a short meeting and then dinner, we all sat on the porch and sang songs. The kids were loving all over us and taking pictures of each other. Such different personalities, they're all precious!

Drex, Jo, Larry, & Michelle are all at the orphanage full time and are g
reat! Ever since seeing the video about The Hands & Feet Project, I felt the tugging in my heart to come. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity. Even in the short time we've been here I feel humbled and guilty at the same time. We are fortunate to have what we do.

The kids waiting to greet us

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BeeHappy said...

How exciting! I'm enjoying this adventure. :) I would feel so excited to see the kiddos. :)