Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Haiti Trip - Day 3, April 5

Today was good! We woke up and had breakfast, watched the kids go to Sunday School. We sat around and talked on the porch until it was time for church... oh, and went to the roof to see the view! Church was good to experience even though I only understood one sentence and one song. There was a guy that sang "In The Secret" and he was great!

The kids leaving for Sunday School

After church we came back to the orphanage and had lunch. We're eating pretty good for where we are... it's good we brought our own food! :) The afternoon was spent looking around the property. It rained again, but it was a nice break from the humid air!

The orphanage has 38 kids and 3 dogs - along with 6 nannies. Each nanny has 8 kids that she's responsible for.

Before dinner we went for a walk up the street. It was interesting to see this part of town. Michelle kept calling Wayne Jerry. That was a riot! Sarah calls Keary, Casey. I think by the end of the week we'll all have different names... :)

During the week we'll get to go into downtown and experience the market. I was kind of disappointed that we didn't go to the beach today. I would have loved to see it - I hear they're beautiful!

I love our group - we have so much fun together.

Tomorrow the work begins. The women are going to be helping Michelle with some things and helping Jo with the food program. This is when they have people come in to get milk and rice and beans to feed their babies.. giving them an opportunity to keep them instead of giving them to HAF.

The guys will be moving rocks. There's still much damage from the storms.

Bunk beds are evil! Last night I slept on the top bunk - tonight we pulled my mattress to the floor. :) It's weird taking cold showers and washing dishes in cold water.


BeeHappy said...

I'm still enjoying readin these! What kinds of dogs? I'd love to be a nanny! Great post!

Anonymous said...

I love the top bunk! And love the curly Haiti hair ;-)