Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 1... again

I know what you're thinking. Yes, I'm starting over. I was talking with Christi today about how much weight I could lose before I go to Haiti. Her being the sweet girl that she is, knows me and my lack of will power, and how many times I've dieted since we've started working together; gives me a good number, that we both think is doable. I love her because she's so encouraging yet knows me well enough to keep it real.

After work I go to the gym, doing my thing... thinking I'm going to kill myself. I'm parched and I feel my face getting hot. Then, there she is. The woman on the phone. Not kidding... on the phone going around the circuit. Oh my gosh!!! Annoyance! I finish my work out (burning 336 calories I might add) and get out of dodge! Good golly! When I'm working out I'm in my mode... I just want to go through my circuit, stretch, and go.

Looking forward to the hurting abs in the morning! :)


BBC said...

As part of my new regime I walked up the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator. Took me several minutes to recover!

Be encouraged sister, you're not alone!


Anonymous said...

LOL, I do try to keep it real! And you can do it!!