Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Can Only Imagine....

So last night I'm watching Idol.... yes, one of my guilty pleasures and this season they've had a touching story from each city. Last night's was a guy who took care of his mother because she was ill. This guy sacrificed a lot of stuff to care for her and she really wanted him to make it to Hollywood.

SO! He tries out and the judges end up liking him... and send him on to Hollywood. (You know the part where Randy says "WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD, BABY!")... anyway, I digress.

During their filming of this guy showing his mother that he got a golden ticket, they were playing none other than Mercy Me's song "I Can Only Imagine." Now, as a Christian who loves her tv, I get really excited when they start playing Christian music, especially when they call their show "American Idol" and that's not biblical -- if you want to get technical. So go FOX for putting some Christian tunes out there!

On the same note, the other day I was watching a movie and on THAT show they were playing Building429 as this girl was driving down the highway. Whew! Let's get some Christian music in Hollywood why don't we! I think it's great and really says a lot... you don't HAVE to have gross movies (gore, f-bombs all over the place, etc) to have a good movie.

Speaking of movies... who's ready for dinner and a movie on Saturday? ME! :)

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Cathy said...

I loved it last year during Idol gives back when they sang my all time favorite worship song, "My jesus, My saviour..."

it made me respect idol a lot more (although I've always loved the show...)