Sunday, January 04, 2009

Get ready!

I kind of did a 2008 Review, but I thought instead of doing a reflection of the last year, I thought I'd write the things I'm looking forward to in 2009.

*Missions Trip to Haiti, taking place April 3-12.
*Getting deeper in my relationship with Christ.
*Many more travel adventures, so I can use my new luggage! :)
*Seeing Kyle graduate from high school.

On my birthday I wrote 15 things I'd like to do before I'm 30. I'm excited for 2009 as a chance to get started on this list; since I turn 30 in 2010. ;) New Years Eve was great! We didn't do much but visit, eat, and watch New Years Even Live in Vegas. I love spending time visiting with friends I can't see every day - and going to bed at 4 am! New Years Day we vegged most of the day and then got ready that evening and went to Abuelos for dinner. All in all, a weekend - I could get used to having 4 days off every week! :)

I hope you all had a great New Years no matter what you did. Wish you all the joy and happiness in 2009!

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BeeHappy said...

I'm excited to see where life takes you especially on your Haiti trip! I see good adventures coming your way! :) Love the picture too!