Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reflections & Goals

Last week was ok. Today I actually drank my one thing of water (yay). The whole eating out thing didn't go well, but I think I was ok on cutting down on carbs. Did I mention that my doctor says I eat too many? Hmm. :)

I only worked out once - bah! Trying for curves 3 times this week, since we're off on Monday. Try and try again. I'm getting better and not using the elevator... it's just like a habit that you're trying to break... shutting tha automatic pilot off.

Anyway - goals for the week: More water, more workouts, Less carbs.... Ahh... welcome back to dear diary moments. ;)

Tomorrow is also my baby brother's 16th birthday. Ahhh! So sad. So... happy birthday to him! Love ya, dyl.

This is back when Dylan was sweet... looooong ago. :)

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