Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AI recap

Ok. I've been avoiding blogging about American Idol, but this week, I just have to!! For the most part I like them all for different reasons, but here are my thoughts on the top 11.

Danny - I love Danny even more after watching him sing "Jesus Take The Wheel." He gave me goosebumps! I've always loved the song, but never have gotten goosebumps before. (More blogging about Danny coming soon).

Scott - I like Scott, but sadly I don't think he'll last a long time. He's not exceeding like the others, which makes me sad.

Michael - I love this country boy!! He did a good job with Garth last night!

Adam - Ok. Where do I start? I dislike him... a lot. Before last night I was on the fence about him, but 1) He messed with Johnny Cash, and 2) He was bad at it!!!!

Lil - I like her. Last night you could tell that she was out of her element, but she did good singing Independence Day.

Kris - I love, love, love him!! He did awesome singing Garth too.

Anoop - I'm so glad Anoop redeemed himself from last week!

Alexis - I'm kind of the fence about her too. I like her singing, but I'm mildly annoyed that the judges constantly want her to be 'dirty'. No variety?

Megan Joy - She changes her name every week... seriously. Not sure on her.... her voice is... different; sometimes that's a bad thing.

Matt - Hmm... kind of on the fence about him too. I think he's good, but there's something about him..... He did do a good job singing a Carrie Underwood song - that was surprising!

Allison - I'm not sure about her; I think her voice is weird... :)

So who will be booted tonight? I hope it's Adam!!! :) We'll find out in an hour (central time).


Nicole O'Dell said...

ITA about Danny and Jesus Take the Wheel. Sigh.

I also agree about Megan. But, I'm not on the fence, she annoys me terribly. I can't STAND that little twisty dance thing she does!

Adam...well, I'm an 80's girl and he reminds me a little of an old 80's rocker. But, last night have a had a bit of an evil sort of feel to it. I know he was going for sensual, but I was thinking, um, necrophilia anyone?

Lora said...

Adam may cause me to vote for the first time ever...for everyone except him so that he goes home. Can't stand him.

I didn't like Alexis either, so I'm not at all surprised or upset she was voted off.

Love Megan. Love Danny. Love Kris, Anoop, and Matt. Everyone else is so-so to me.